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Commercial Properties 

Property ID: 1

Industrial Building for Lease

1800 17th Ave. East, Owen Sound, ON 

Zoning: M1

• Full warehouse building available for lease, with various smaller configurations. 
• 15-ton crane. Eight loading doors - 4 dock level and 4 grade level.  
• 15,300 sf office space. 
• Clear height ranges from 18’ to 22’

274,373 sq.ft. 

Rent                                                    $ 5.00/sq.ft. 
Realty and Business Tax &                
Common Area Fees                          $ 2.95/sq.ft.

Property ID: 1

New Professional Office Building

1100 16th Ave. East, Owen Sound, ON 

Zoning: Commercial C1

New professional end-cap office building space. HVAC, LED Lighting, 12’6” T-Bar ceiling, High Speed Fibre. Good Parking.

2,000 to 3,999/sq.ft. 


Rent                                                    $ 14.50/sq.ft. 
Realty and Business Tax                  $ 4.25/sq.ft.
Common Area Fees                          $ 3.25/sq.ft.

Property ID: 2

Available Spring of 2020

1665 18th Ave. East, Owen Sound, ON 

Zoning: Commercial C1

Retail / Commercial Office Space. Will Renovate to Suit. A Must See!. Walking Distance to Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Shopping & More. Hwy 26 / 16th St. East, Exposure.

Combined: 3,640/sq.ft. 

Rent                                                    $12.00/sq.ft. 
Realty and Business Tax                  $ 3.95/sq.ft.
Common Area Fees                          $ 3.75/sq.ft.

Property ID: 3

Expansion Opportunity

1796 16th St. East, Owen Sound, ON 

Zoning: Commercial C1

Build to Suit. Professional Office / Commercial / Retail Space. Walking distance to Restaurants, Gas Stations, Shopping Malls, Extensive Big Box Shopping Centres and more.

3,200/sq.ft. 12' T-Bar Ceiling
3,840/sq.ft. 18' Open Ceiling
1,360/sq.ft. 10’ Ceiling
1,046/sq.ft. 8’ Ceiling Mezzanine
6,000/sq.ft. Planned Addition. Build To Suit 

Rent                                                    $11.75/sq.ft. 
Realty and Business Tax                  $ 3.00/sq.ft.
Common Area Fees                          $ 2.75/sq.ft.

Property ID: 12

RE-Development Opportunity
Highway 26 & 16th St East Exposure

17th St. East, Owen Sound, ON 

Zoning: Commercial C1

Office / Commercial. Hwy 26 / 16th St. East Exposure. Across the Road From home Depot and Big Box Shopping Centre.

2,400/sq.ft. 10' T-Bar Ceiling Existing, Opportunity for 6,000/sq.ft.

Rent                                                    $ 8.00/sq.ft. 
Realty and Business Tax                  $ 2.45/sq.ft.
Common Area Fees                          $ 2.00/sq.ft.



The vision behind ANDPET REALTY is simple: Make sure that the people who lease or develop with ANDPET are successful.

Success for our client equals success for ANDPET REALTY. But Peter Van Dolder takes that commitment one step further, cultivating lasting business relationships with his clients.

The process of helping them every step of the way to cut through the red tape and reach their goals on time and on budget is really his greatest service.

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